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SCG's experience in financing ministry needs has resulted in a Debt Placement Process that has never failed to gain the financing that meets the needs of each ministry.

SCG's Debt Placement Process has benefited ministries by…

  • Identifying the optimal loan structure that complements the ministry's Financial Culture. This saves the ministry from being subjected to loan structures that have been developed for the secular market and which may not fit its needs, and allows the ministry to stay true to its financial beliefs.
  • Presenting the ministry benefits in terms that can be understood and appreciated by financiers as mitigating the risks inherent with the funding plan. This understanding increases probability of approval.
  • Producing the most competitive all-in pricing (rate, fees and closing costs) for financing.

In short, SCG's Debt Placement Process moves the Financial Faith of financiers to match the Financial Faith of the ministry, instead of moving the ministry to match the financiers:

The Debt Placement Process is most beneficial to ministries that…

  • Are concerned not with just "getting financed," but with financing that doesn't compromise the ministry's ability to fulfill the rest of God's vision for the ministry.
  • Are concerned with finding the optimal loan structure for its needs and Financial Culture.
  • Don't want financiers putting the ministry into an inappropriate financial model by…
    • Dictating the project scope a ministry can or should accomplish.
    • Providing off-the-shelf loan solutions that are not congruent with the ministry's Financial Culture or funding plan. Such solutions can increase the true financial risk to the ministry.
    • Providing financial solutions that do not take into account the ministry's ability to continue to fulfill God's vision.

SCG's Turnkey Debt Placement Helps Make Your Vision Real

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