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Let vision drive finances and projects - not the other way around

To stay on track toward a vision, you first need to know what the right financial track is for your ministry, - the track congruent with God's vision for the ministry. Many ministries are derailed because they have no effective process for identifying risks and priorities or resolving trade-offs to find the balance between programming and infrastructure needs.

SCG processes reveal your financial track.

At Strategic Consulting Group, we strongly believe that the risk of vision derailment can only be mitigated through proactive planning processes that:

  • Include programming, capital and financial components
  • Prioritize amongst the components
  • Start with the strategic phase and evolve into the tactical phase

SCG starts by learning the ministry's vision and the programs and projects that make up the vision to determine the ministry's financial culture and beliefs. SCG then identifies the impact those beliefs will have on the ministry's ability to accomplish its vision. When the financial risks associated with the funding plan are quantified, the ministry can prioritize projects and programs to balance their needs. Those priorities - and that balance - define your financial track.

In over two decades, we have not come across any lenders, accountants, consultants, or ministry personnel that can take a ministry through our complete financial planning process. No one else delivers equivalent insight into the financial cultures of ministries and how those cultures impact a ministry's ability to fulfill God's vision. Our clients will vouch for this.


Strategic Consulting Group delivers a core set of services that help ministries manifest their vision.

Financial Planning Financial Planning services
Proactive financial planning can put your ministry on a financial track that supports your vision.

Turnkey Debt Placement Turnkey Debt Placement services
Debt placement expertise can find the financing structure most congruent with your ministry's financial culture and obtain competitive pricing.

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