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SCG's Financial Planning Services comprise two processes: Strategic Financial Planning and Project Financial Planning. The Strategic Financial Planning Process focuses on, and encompasses, all contemplated phases of development and ministry programming needs over a long period of time. The Project Financial Planning Process focuses on, and encompasses, only the next contemplated phase of development.

SCG's Financial Planning Processes help ministries achieve God's vision by…

  • Building an understanding of the ministry's existing Financial Culture and of the impact those financial beliefs have on the ministry's ability to meets its ministry programming and infrastructure needs.
  • Identifying implications and quantifying risks from both the ministry's perspective and the financier's perspective at an early stage without being heavily influenced by any one financier's perspective. That understanding can mitigate the risk that financiers inexperienced with ministry financing may dictate or drive the ministry's actions.

This early understanding will allow the ministry to build a funding plan that supports ministry priorities while creating a higher likelihood of approval by the financing marketplace. In short, it helps the ministry make decisions that are congruent with God's vision and allows it to find its place within the Financial Faith Spectrum:

SCG's Financial Planning Processes are most beneficial to ministries that…

  • Would like to confirm, and/or optimize, the viability of their project, or vision, by understanding the financial risk from both the ministry's and the financier's perspective before talking with financiers. That understanding mitigates the need to "test the waters" at too early a stage and the damage that can arise from getting a negative response.
  • Have an internal divergence of opinion on the financial viability of the project/vision, funding plan or the priorities of the ministry. By identifying and quantifying the implications, ministry teams can find the balance, which is in line with God's vision.
  • Need to maximize the scope of one, or all, phases of expansion.
  • Have "sticker shock" after receiving cost estimates, and want understanding of the implications and project viability before making scope or timing adjustments to their plan.
  • Regardless of financing viability, want to have an in-depth understanding of the project's, or vision's, implications for ministry programming, or sacrifices it may require.
  • Would like to confirm whether the phasing in their existing Master Site Plan is viable, and whether to contemplate changes. (This is only addressed in the Strategic Financial Planning Process.)

SCG's Financial Planning Processes Helps Make Your Vision Real

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