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Midway Macedonia Baptist Church

Todd Wright, Senior Pastor
Strategic Financial Planning

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This ministry had been blessed with explosive growth and wanted to be proactive about planning for the future. In addition to having some residual debt from a prior project, the church had defined two substantial phases over the next nine years. It wanted to ensure it had a viable funding plan in place so that it would be in the best position to execute its plan without obstacles.


The ministry hired SCG to assist in creating a financial plan that would allow the ministry to fulfill God's vision for the next nine years. The result was a plan that balances the internal priorities of the ministry with the requirements of the external financing marketplace. SCG performed an in-depth study of the ministry's financial history, financial beliefs/culture, and capital and programming needs. The study showed the ministry 1) the effects of its beliefs/culture on the financial requirements of meeting the vision; 2) the gap between the ministry's Financial Faith and the financier's Financial Faith, including issues the financing marketplace would have with the proposed funding plan; and 3) what financial steps could be taken to bridge this gap in Financial Faith using the ministry's existing Financial Culture.

Why it Worked

SCG understood both the ministry's desired plan and the perspective the financing marketplace would have at the time the ministry needed loans to fund the vision. The SCG Strategic Financial Planning Process let the ministry find the point on the Financial Faith Spectrum where its ministry programming needs and infrastructure capital needs were balanced and where they would be perceived favorably by financiers. Also, because SCG was involved at a very early stage, we were able to show the ministry the steps to take over time to be in a position to obtain optimal financing for its vision. This luxury of time made the recommended alterations to the ministry's funding plan relatively painless to implement. SCG was also able to show the ministry…

  • Shifts in its Financial Culture that had surfaced a little at a time over the past few years, and which, if not changed, would have a significant negative impact on the ministry's ability to fund its vision.
  • The impact on the financial plan of choices including timing of the expansion, scope of the phases and funding sources.
  • Alternative views of the expansion plan that would maximize overall scope.

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