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SCG has "Financial Faith" and is passionate about helping ministries achieve their visions!

SCG's passion is helping ministries receive the blessings that God provides, when He provides them! Our services can assist the ministry in following God's vision. That sounds simple, but decades of working with ministries have shown us that "derailment" is often just around the corner, and that those ministries blessed with phenomenal growth are most at risk.

The principals of SCG have a combined three decades experience at one of the country's largest financial institutions, and the focus of that experience was in financing faith-based organizations. This focused experience has given us a unique understanding of ministry funding plans and how they are perceived by the financial market place. Financiers generally have neither the desire nor the experience to assess financial plans from the ministry's perspective. As a result, financiers frequently use inappropriate tools to assess the financial risk of ministry plans.

As lenders, we repeatedly saw non-conforming ministry loans that delivered outstanding results. One example: Financing requests that traditional evaluation standards - still widely used even by specialists in faith-based lending - said couldn't be repaid over 15 to 20 years were repeatedly paid off in five to seven years, or less.

Seeing these results, we realized that we, and the financial industry, did not have the appropriate financial faith and were using inappropriate tools to assess risk in faith-based financing opportunities. We dedicated ourselves to learning how ministries' funding plans differed from those of secular companies - and from each other. We wanted to find the characteristics of sound faith-based financing opportunities.

It took years of daily work with ministries to define these key characteristics, but once we did, as lenders we could take on the loans that the rest of the financing market place turned down. Today, that knowledge lets us assist ministries in building funding plans that are consistent with their financial beliefs and to also clearly communicate the merits of these plans to financiers.

Our focused experience - and the valuable lessons learned - allow us to develop funding plans that are congruent with the ministry's financial beliefs, and that mitigate the risks perceived by the financing market place. The result: The ministry's vision can stay on track.

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